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Do you have a new product that needs to be Designed or Drawn? I can do it for you, at a great price.

I've developed new products for manufacturing for over 35 years. Yours can be next.


Contact Art at

phone 204 3962211

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Professional machine draftsman engineering design. Over 35 years of design experience. New product design using a full license of Solidworks 3D modeling.

Working with new product designers and entrepreneurs ,I can make your idea a reality. Creating STEP, IGES or most any digital file required. These can be used by machine shops, 3D Printers, and mold makers. Many of my projects have ended up in the retail market

I would be delighted to work with you to get your product made.

Also note for manufacturing companies. I can create shop drawings for your production line . This includes welding symbols, assembly details, molded parts with drafts, and instructional diagrams. 

Some of my past projects that I have worked on was for MacDon ,

MCI Motor Coach Industries , and Magellan

I also worked as a manufacturing project manager for these companies as a third party.

As a contractor I've worked on some of the projects for BOKE Consultants, Nation Ramps, Arnes Welding, Druwin Superchargers, Norstar Industries.

If you have a new idea for a product, a sketch, a prototype, I can help you realize your ambition. You will need a 3D model to have the electronic data available for the manufacturing process. This is where I come in.

Your idea is safe with me. I have worked on many high profile projects that were very confidential. In this case a signed nondisclosure contract can be made up.

I work from a home office. This brings my overheads low, passing the savings to you. You might be surprises how little your Drawing, or 3D model can cost. And of course I have the capability to create a 3D printed project in plastic, or metal.   


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