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Do you have a new product that needs to be Designed or Drawn? I can do it for you, at a great price.

I've developed new products for manufacturing for over 35 years. Yours can be next.


Contact Art at
phone 204 3962211
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Expert draughtsman for machines in engineering design. more than 35 years of experience in design. New product design using a full license of Solidworks 3D modelling.

I can turn your idea into a reality by collaborating with entrepreneurs and fresh product creators. Creating the necessary STEP, IGES, or nearly any digital file. Mold makers, machine shops, and 3D printers can all use these. The retail industry has been the destination for many of my projects:

Working with you to create your product would be a pleasure.

I can assist you in realizing your dream if you have a fresh concept for a product, a sketch, or a prototype. For the manufacturing process to gain access to your project, you need a 3D model. This is my area of expertise.

I'll keep your idea safe. I have contributed to numerous well-known, highly private projects. In this scenario, an executed nondisclosure agreement may be drafted.

Noteworthy for manufacturers as well. I am able to design shop drawings for your manufacturing process. This covers instructional diagrams, molded components with draughts, welding symbols, and assembly information.

I've worked on projects for


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