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About Compass Drafting Services

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Why 3D Design?


Why 3D design?

3D design is today’s manufacturing’s norm. CNC (computer numerical control). Not only can you get to see your project in full 3D but the digital information in that model is used for 3D printing, machining parts, or creating a tool or mold for that part.


·         Most manufactures need that digital information in order to give you a quote. As the information is used to make the part.

·         Engineers use that information to analyze the part. FEA (finite element analysis). How will your product stand up using computer simulation.

·         3D printing is the new buzz word in the industry. With the digital information a real part can be created out of plastic or metal. You can hold your idea in your hand and even test its application well before manufacturing it on the mass. This is a huge cost savings, and can prove that the current design works.

·         A digital file that I create can be made into any other digital file such as STEP file, IGES files, STL files. Etc.

Contact me today to get started on that 3D digital file.  

Compass Drafting Services was started by myself Art having a major health issue made me make the decision to go freelance full time. I worked in the mechanical part design industry for over 35 years mainly in Plastics.

I Started my career as a production worker, going back to college I studied first Power Engineering, then Machine drafting engineering design. I got certified in Auto CAD, then Solid works CAD software. I am fully certified in Pro Engineering Cero.

 I worked as a Project Leader with a local premier Plastics molding company. One of my duties included was new product design. My customers would come in with a new idea or gadget. It was my job to use CAD to design a 3D model for that new product. Some of my customers included high profile Agricultural machines manufacturers and, devises , and Automotive such as coach bus manufacturers. Working in a manufacturing environment I acted as a consultant in the manufacturing of these products.

Also I worked in the dump truck industry designing jigs and fixtures for newly designed dump boxes.  

In 2017 I purchased a full licence of Solidworks CAD software were that is what I use today.

Technical capability  

·         35 years working within a manufacturing and machining industry.

·         Strong background working with Engineering on mechanical, electrical, industrial and hydraulics.

·         I am not just a generic drafting company…by a engineering and design support partner.

Rapid Turnaround

·         I can get started today

·         Lead times as little as 12 hours

·         I work days, evenings and weekends as needed to complete your project on time and within any milestone dates you have.

Cost Savings

·         Affordable prices

·         Approximately 40% cost savings because of low overheads.

·         Free quotations.

English speaking

·         Effective engagement during collaborative design work.

·         No communications barriers or misunderstanding.

·         Direct communications with designers doing the work.

·         Locally owned and operated.

Intellectual property protection

·         Signed confidentiality and disclosure papers at client’s request.

·         Effective internal control processes

·         Information shared internally only as needed basis.

Contact me today so we can get started on your project.

From concept to reality…We help you get there…



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