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About Compass Drafting Services

Cannondale 16 speed roadbike

Why 3D Design?


Initiating Compass Drafting Services was my idea. 

Due to a serious health condition, I decided to work as a contractor full-time. 

I spent more than 35 years designing mechanical parts.

I began my professional life as a PowerMechanic. Later, when I returned to college, I studied      Machine Drawing Engineering Design and Power Engineering. 

I obtained my AutoCAD certification before moving on to Solid Works CAD. 

I also hold a complete Pro Engineering Cero certification. And worked with Autodesk Inventor for many years.

I was employed as a Project Manager for a top-tier plastic moulding company in my community. The design of new products was one of my responsibilities. My clients would arrive with a novel concept or device. It was my responsibility to create a 3D model for that new product using CAD. Several well-known producers of Agricultural Equipment, Machine Devices, including Coach Bus manufacturers, were among my clients. I served as a consultant to produce these goods while I was employed in a manufacturing setting.

I was also a designer of fixtures and jigs for freshly created dump boxes in the dump truck sector.

The Solidworks CAD software is what I use now, and I bought a complete licence for it in 2024.

Technological capability: 35 years of experience in the manufacturing and machining sectors; strong foundation in Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, and Hydraulic Engineering. By an engineering and design support partner, I am more than simply a standard drafting business.

Quick turnaround:

  • I can begin working on your project today·

  • Lead times as short as 12 hours·

  • I workdays, nights, and weekends as necessary to finish it on schedule and by any deadlines you have.


Financial Savings:

Reasonably priced:

Approximately 40% of costs are saved due to low overhead, without charge quotes.

Speaking English:

  • The following qualities are present: ·

  • Effective participation in collaborative design work; ·

  • Clear and unambiguous communication; ·

  • Direct involvement with the designers performing the work; ·

  • Locally owned and run.

Intellectual property protection ·        

  • Signed confidentiality and disclosure papers at client's request.\s·        

  • Effective internal control processes\s·        

  • Information given internally only as needed basis.

Give me a call right now so we can discuss your project.

Idea to actualization...

We assist you in getting there.


What makes 3D design so special?

In today's manufacturing, 3D design is the standard. Computer Numerical Control (CNC). Not only can you view your project in full 3D, but the digital data included in that model may be utilized for machining, 3D printing, and the creation of tools or molds for specific pieces.

To provide you with a quote, many manufacturers require digital information. Since the data is utilized to create the quotation.

The engineers utilize the data to examine the component. Using FEA (finite element analysis). With computer simulation, how will your product perform?

3D printing is the newest buzzword in the business. Metal or plastic can be used to produce an actual 

part using that digital information. 

Long before it is mass-produced, you can test the viability of your idea in your hands. 

This indicates significant cost savings and validates the efficacy of the current design.

To begin working on that 3D digital file, get in touch with Compass Drafting Services right now.

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