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Plastic Cover
Aluminum CNC part
Machine Assembly
2D Drawings
Rotational Poly Urethane Molder
BOM Bill of Materials
Hand Held Controller
Shipping Container Swimming Pool
Jet Pump Impeller
Exploded View of Caviar Container With Cooling System
Marine Jet Pump Assembly
Cargo Loading Ramp
Chip Dip Holder for Auto air vent Louvers
Radon Drain Cover
High speed Material Mixer
Hydro Plane Wing
High Speed Mixer
Hydro Plane Wing
Plastic Bee Keeper Box Hanger half
Body Building Trainer

Many of my projects come in through the front door as a paper napkin drawing. Sometimes a rudimental prototype is presented. Nevertheless with proper dimensions this is all I need to begin the Drafting, and 3D modeling process. With some projects many hours of collaborate design happens. This is all part of the creative process.

Please bring with you:

·         The best drawn up representation of your project. ( It doesn’t have to be perfect)

·         As many dimensions to build this project as possible.

·         It’s nice to have some sort of working prototype. I’ve seen these built out of cardboard, wood, Metal, Glued up plastic. You name it. I will work with you to develop a 3D printable model.

Why do you need a 3D model?

All modern machine shops, mold makers, Pattern makers, need the 3D model electronic data information to run there simulation. Quoting a project, program equipment, create working drawings for the tool room all need this 3D Modeled data. It’s not just a pretty picture.

Also a 3D Print can be made from that data. The 3D Print is the actual part itself. This part is made from plastic, or in some cases can be metal. The part is usually strong enough for some rudimentary testing. An example a gear in an assembly.

Once the 3D CAD Model is produced and perhaps you had the project 3D Printed and tested. It’s time for manufacturing. A decision is made to make you part out of Plastic, Metal, or wood. The data for the 3D Model is presented to the manufacture to quote on. They may or may not quote on tooling or mold making themselves, or it can be farmed out. I can act as a manufacturing consultant if need be. I have 35 Years of manufacturing experience.

Packaging is another consideration. The 3D data can be used for the quotation process and final design of the package needed.

  Compass Drafting Services is here to help create your dream.  

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